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Are you ever craving a slice of cheesy pizza but don’t know how many calories in a slice of cheese pizza? If so, then you’re not alone! Although everyone knows that pizza is an indulgent treat, it’s important to understand exactly what goes into it and how many calories we’re consuming when we indulge. That’s why we are here today to cover the basics on pizza nutrition—covering the different components of cheese pizza and providing information on how much energy (i.e. calories) is in a single slice! Keep reading for all the details; just remember that balance is key.

What Is Cheese Pizza?

What Is Cheese Pizza?

Cheese pizza is a popular type of pizza that consists of a dough base, tomato sauce, and cheese. It’s usually made with mozzarella cheese, but other types such as cheddar or parmesan can also be used. The toppings can vary from restaurant to restaurant or based on personal preference, but the basic ingredients remain the same.

The Best Cheese Pizzas

Mozzarella is widely considered the most popular cheese option for pizza, and it has also gained prominence in other culinary styles. Known for its minimal processing, this cheese delivers a fresh flavor profile accompanied by a light and creamy texture. Other types of cheese that are often used in combination with mozzarella include cheddar, parmesan, provolone, and ricotta. Each type of cheese offers a distinct flavor profile and texture to the pizza.

Nutrition Facts In A Slide Of Cheese Pizza

A single slice of thin-crust cheese pizza contains approximately 191 calories.  An average adult should not consume more than 10% of their daily recommended caloric intake in a single serving of pizza. One slice contains 8.9 grams of protein, 16.7 grams of carbohydrates, and 9.9 grams of fat. Additionally, it provides approximately 3.5 grams of saturated fat, 28 mg of cholesterol, and 368 mg of sodium. These numbers can vary depending on the type of crust, sauce, and cheese used in a particular pizza.

How Many Calories In A Slice Of Cheese Pizza?

So, how many calories in a slice of cheese pizza? A single slice of cheese pizza, typically made with a 14-inch regular crust, mozzarella cheese, tomato sauce, and oregano, contains approximately 285 calories. This number can increase if additional toppings such as meats or extra cheese are added. It’s important to keep in mind the portion size when enjoying a slice of pizza, as consuming multiple slices at once can significantly increase your caloric intake.

  • Small Pizza: If you order a small pizza, typically made with a 10-inch regular crust and mozzarella cheese, the number of calories in one slice will decrease. A single slice contains approximately 180 calories, making it a slightly lighter option for those looking to enjoy pizza without consuming too many calories.
  • Medium Pizza: A medium-sized pizza, typically made with a 12-inch regular crust and mozzarella cheese, contains approximately 215 calories in one slice. This is slightly higher than the number of calories in a small pizza but still lower than a large pizza. Keep this in mind when deciding on the size of your next order!
  • Large Pizza: A large pizza typically made with a 14-inch regular crust and mozzarella cheese contains approximately 285 calories in one slice. This is the most common size ordered at restaurants and can easily add up to over 1000 calories if consumed in its entirety. As mentioned before, balance is key when enjoying this indulgent treat.
  • Extra Large Pizza: An extra-large pizza, also known as a family size, is typically made with an 18-inch regular crust and mozzarella cheese. This pizza has the highest number of calories per slice compared to other sizes, containing approximately 355 calories in one slice. It’s important to be mindful of portion control when indulging in this larger size.

How Many Calories In A Slice Of Cheese Pizza By Brand?

Different pizza brands may have slight variations in the number of calories per slice, depending on the ingredients used. For example, a slice of cheese pizza from Pizza Hut contains approximately 240 calories, while a slice from Domino’s contains around 190 calories. It’s always important to check the nutrition information provided by the specific brand to know exactly how many calories you’re consuming.

Factors Affecting Calories Are In A Slice Of Cheese Pizza

The number of calories in a slice of cheese pizza can vary significantly based on various factors, including size, type of crust, toppings, and sauces.  Thin crust pizza typically contains fewer calories than regular or deep dish crust, and vegetable toppings such as mushrooms and peppers can add to the nutritional value of the slice. Sauces like BBQ or Alfredo may also contribute to a higher calorie count compared to traditional tomato sauce. It’s essential to keep these factors in mind when choosing your pizza order.

Why Does Cheese Pizza Have So Many Calories?

Pizza is a calorically-dense food, with a lot of calories for its volume. Its high calorie count comes from its ingredients like the crust, cheese, toppings and sauces. Additionally, most pizza restaurants offer larger portion sizes than what is recommended per meal, leading to consuming more calories in one sitting. Choosing healthier alternatives and watching portion size can help reduce the number of calories in a slice of cheese pizza.

How To Make A Healthy Cheese Pizza At Home?

How To Make A Healthy Cheese Pizza At Home?

Making a healthier version of cheese pizza at home is easy and can help reduce the number of calories per slice. Here are some tips:

  • Use whole wheat or cauliflower crust instead of regular dough.
  • Opt for lean protein toppings such as chicken or turkey instead of fatty meats like pepperoni or sausage.
  • Load up on vegetable toppings for added nutritional value.
  • Use low-fat or reduced-fat cheese options.
  • Limit the amount of cheese used on the pizza.
  • Choose a tomato-based sauce instead of cream-based sauces.

How To Store Cheese Pizza?

Leftover pizza should be stored in a single layer, in a covered container. Overlapping slices can create room for bacteria growth and spoilage. It’s best to consume leftover pizza within 3-4 days, stored in the refrigerator. For longer storage, pizza can be wrapped tightly in plastic wrap and kept in the freezer for up to 2 months. When reheating frozen pizza, it is recommended to bake it in the oven rather than using a microwave for a crispier texture.

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